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Energising a more sustainable world

Better-E is dedicated to making it possible for owners and users of battery electric vehicles or larger battery pack operators to recharge in an economical and environmentally friendly manner.

Sustainability at our core

Better-E was founded in 2021 within the Beelen Group to meet the rapidly growing market for charging infrastructure near larger cities. Contractors, logistics companies, company car drivers, and private individuals are among the target customers.

Better-E is committed to enabling owners of battery electric vehicles or larger battery pack operators to recharge in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner. This is being done to provide multiple charging options, additional services to improve charging efficiency, and to reduce grid load.

In the Dutch Climate Agreement, governments and the market agreed to work toward emission-free mobility. A key objective is to have 1.9 million electric cars on the road by 2030. In 2020, the governments in the provinces of North Holland, Flevoland and Utrecht concluded an agreement with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and network operators, in which they agreed to ensure that the charging network grows along with the demand from electric cars.

Better-E’s smart charging plaza in Amsterdam Zuid-oost contributes to the required growth of the network and helps us to explore what role charging plazas can play in this growth.

Frank Beelen


Jan Blankespoor

Co-Founder | Operations

Hans Damen


Perry Versluis

Co-Founder | Finance

Be part of the change

Better-E is seeking project developers, property owners, real estate agents, local governments, and a variety of other potential partners who share our vision of collaborating across all critical power infrastructure markets in which we operate.