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Energising a more sustainable world.

Better-E is dedicated to making it possible for owners and users of battery electric vehicles or larger battery pack operators to recharge in an economical and environmentally friendly manner.

How do we do this?

This is done by providing multiple charging options as well as additional services to improve charging efficiency and reduce the grid load.

A selection of charging speeds to meet your needs


Connection via CCS to provide you with up to 3.3 km per min


Connection via CCS to provide you with up to 6.7 km per min


Connection via CCS to provide you with up to 10.1 km per min

To meet your charging expectations that fit within your schedule and activity, you can choose the right charger that offers the best flexibility and convenience. This enables us to provide the best balanced grid load and energy use.

Hints & tips

New to the world of EV ownership? Things are a little different – in a good way! We’ll guide you through the best way to look after your battery and get the best range possible. With our hints and tips you will become a charging hero!

Facts and figures

The speed and power that you need, when you need it

Total charging capacity


Number of chargers


Charging times



The better-e Amsterdam location is unrivaled for the larger Amsterdam area, being only 5 minutes from the main highways A1, A2, A9, A10 and 15 minutes from Amsterdam city center. 

Even better, because Villa Arena, Ziggo Dome, and AFAS Live are all within walking distance, your sports game, evening out, or shopping spree can become very EV efficient.

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How to pay

We accept almost all major brand charging cards, whether they are issued by the car manufacturer, energy provider, or your lease company.