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Code of conduct

Policy updated: 01.12.22

General behaviour

Better-E expects customers, employees, and visitors to treat each other with respect and consideration.

We do not allow any form of aggression, (verbal) violence and threats. We will not tolerate discrimination in words or deeds. You must respect another customer’s, employee’s, or visitor’s life philosophy, values, and norms. Sexual harassment in the form of words, gestures, or physical manifestations is not permitted. What may seem harmless to one person may be threatening to another. You respect other customers’ and our employees’ privacy and personal privacy.


You may park on the premises only if you have an electric car that is charging, which means that the plug is plugged in and the charging process is underway. It is the driver’s responsibility to monitor the charging process in the car using the relevant app. Idle charges (parking fees for cars that are not charging) may apply.

Food & drink

It is not permitted to bring drinks or food inside.

In case of an emergency

Please remain calm and follow the staff’s instructions. In the event of an evacuation alarm, leave the building using the designated escape routes.

Staff general instructions should always be followed.

Staff general instructions should always be followed. Parents and supervisors of children are responsible and accountable for the behaviuor of children they bring with them at all times. Running, frolicking, and yelling are strictly prohibited. The first floor of the visitor center is wheelchair accessible and includes a restroom.